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How to mount an ISO image

Sometimes, you will be faced with a big file, with a “.ISO” extension. This is an ISO file. ISO is the name of the filestructure of a CD or DVD. Basically that ISO file is a cd image: an exact copy. A program such as PowerISO is used to open the ISO file.

So install PowerISO first, then use it to open the ISO file. Sometimes downloaded programs come with a “.NFO” file or a README file. You can open these files with a text editor like Notepad. Inside that text file it will give you instructions on how to install the program.

After you install PowerISO, reboot and navigate to the ISO file again. Right click on it and open up the PowerISO submenu. Look for the option that says

Mount Image to Drive F:

You will notice that there is a new drive under My Computer. It’s a virtual cd drive, and it has your downloaded program’s CD in it. This of course is a virtual drive being emulated by PowerISO.

From there it is as if you have the program’s cd in your computer, and you just go to the cd drive and click install.

This all will take about 10-15 min.

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